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Support This Publication

Thank you for visiting my publication!

I am passionate about sharing valuable content on programming and related subjects. While I strive to post consistently, my day job currently takes priority.

For this reason, I iced the plan to offer subscriptions until I have enough content and can post regularly.

I am also delaying the introduction of ads until I feel that the regularity of my posts justifies offering a minimal subscription. This is to give my readers an option to avoid ad trackers.

In the meantime, I am happy to receive donations.

I recently received a surprise tax repayment request for a fiscal period over ten years ago. Any donations would greatly help us offset this unexpected expense.

Please consider donating if you find my content helpful. Every contribution helps and is greatly appreciated:

Other Ways to Support

If a donation is not possible for any reason, there are other ways you can support this effort:

  • Some of our pages have links to relevant goods and services (E.g., Programming Books). Please consider buying through the link; it won't cost you more.
  • If you are looking for a fancy way to receive 2025, I am renting my timeshare in Phuket to cover part of the unexpected costs.
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  • Buy Our Programming Swag @ RedBubble:
  • Sharing our articles links page in your social media posts
  • Sign Up, comment, and engage with our community
  • Providing feedback to help us improve
  • Thank You!

Your support means the world to us. It allows us to keep doing what we love and share it with you. Whether through a donation, sharing our content, or just being a part of our community, we appreciate your involvement.